Burning Man 2019 Metamorphoses
Recorded Live Sunday, September 1, 2019

7/24/19 Notes:

Please don’t stress over learning m. 62. just come in at 63.
I’m going to be a pain in your ass about rhythmic cut-offs. putting endings right where they belong.
Just warning you. (This means, we will be able to work at that level because you are learning your notes now…!)

Hay Playa Choir…how ARE you? I’m thinking about you like crazy right now! Got to get you your music! Which brings me to our first song…

I’m giving this one to you first because it’s probably the most involved chart we’ve ever done. There is a lot of repeated material, but always voiced differently. And it is going to ask a lot of you vocally. I’m giving you a pretty major challenge! I know you will shred this. I’m also sorry to give you our ballad first, I promise all the rest will rock…don’t get sleepy on me…!

I was able to find the charted music (which saved me a TON of time, yay for the internet) but it was one that when I heard it, I saw you, transforming people the way you do.

Now, a couple of things before you listen.

I’ve doctored some words, like I do. we are changing God to Love. The word is everywhere, (and btw, so is the Dust Deity…) but it makes perfect sense lyrically to make the simple change
so no one feels funny about it.

Also, I changed the unison verse in the beginning because what I heard was an epic ‘send-off into the Grand Playa’, not a, ‘you got this through troubled times’. And I mean, epic in the sense that, quite literally, this is just the beginning. Those of us who’ve been coming to the playa for a while know that our lives outside of the desert are different now. That the canvass of life is ours to paint, ours to create, ours to manifest in the most bad-assest of ways. So this title, It’s Not Over, is a strong message to our congregation, that the transformation we experience sets us up to be our most glorified selves, from that point on.

Those of you who are irritated by too many references to church on the recording, I feel you. Please just know that I’ve altered the words that we will use. Whomever leads will also sing from our highly inclusive place, our non-dogmatic place, our place of All Spirit, No-Name, All-Names, All and Nothing, Divine Dust-Bunny…This one also needs some dancers, so if you know anyone…let me know.

I hope you can see the really vivid and inspirational moment you will create with this song… I see it clear as day! Happy summer, happy solstice, happy warm weather, happy playa dreams soon to become our reality…!

So much love to you…!

Your crazy director,


July 10, 2019
This will be the most meaty arrangement I’ve ever chosen. This is tougher because it has a lot of sections that are not voiced the same. All I want to say is that…IF we are going to pull this off, there is only one way that will happen. Only one.

If all of you commit to learning it now, we will absolutely leave the floor wet with tears of joy and release. Which doesn’t make for a great pack out, but I’ll sacrifice that for the transformation that will incur.

Some of you more experienced readers might say, “oh, the music is always easy, I’ll learn it on the risers, since we will go over it a zillion times anyway.’ Others might say, ‘oh, it’s too hard, too much to remember…’

Whatever it is that might be keeping you from really digging in, I just want to say that at this point in our history, in our soon to be 16 years on the Playa, we now have a responsibility to our congregation to lift them up, and send them home inspired MORE SO than they would normally be after a great week in the desert.

I’ve really owned this concept this year. I/We have a responsibility to all of our congregants who have supported us over the years. We also want to feel really great about the work out there. But we also don’t want to do all that work out there. Right? No one wants to work that mentally hard when out there, because, like…you just can’t. Dust gets on the brain, and everything from making coffee to finding the porta potties is WAAAAAY more challenging. Never MIND trying to memorize that whole last section that is not in your brain already upon hitting that dusty road.

So, my lovelies, my treasured dears, my dusty vocal bunnies…I love you. I want the best musical and spiritual transformational experience for you and for our audience. I’ve given you a high bar to jump over, but with this in mind: You got this.

It will take some work on your part. Like. Now. So that when you get packing, and get in your car/bus/plane/bike to hit the dust, you already have your music memorized. And you show up to sectionals on Tuesday with a, “hey, Madi, check my shit out. I GOT this memorized. What the hell were you even worried about? Duh!” attitude.

And I will be So. Freakin’. Psyched. Because that sets us up to serve the music. Serve humanity. Serve transformation in our congregation. In us. In Dust We Trust!