July 23, 2019 – A 5th Song Has Been Added!

2019 Songs

2019 Set Order
1) Welcome To Daylight (7/24/19: Updated Score!)
2) Don’t Be The Reason (7/24/19: Updated Score!)
3) Sahale
4) Reap Our Inner Kindness (7/24/19: Updated Score!)
5) It’s Not Over Til Love Says So

Madi’s Mantra: Memorize Before You Hit The Playa!

It’s solid, it has a good flow, I think. Lots to tie to Metamorphoses, to offer on our very special Sunday experience for us, and for our very amazing and special congregation. Our biggest challenge is our closer. But we’ve been through so much. You GOT this.   😉

(And maybe, I’ll throw together a quick, easy arrangement of We Are Blessed, but not right now…my eyes hurt from staring at a screen for 2 weeks straight!)

Rehearsal Tracks

I’ve recorded each part on the keyboard along with the original track so you can practice your part and sing over the verse with our lyrics.