Acapplaya has been Black Rock City’s organic soundtrack, sharing a cappella jazz to its creative citizens every year since 2004. We were accidentally named while serenading thirsty patrons in a tiny bar called Absinth. Who knew, in addition to ear extraction, that Absinth would be a useful elixir for naming a cappella groups?

Excepting the group’s creator, Bonnie Doyle, Acapplaya’s six members are different each year, and folks the world over audition in the Spring for open parts. Acapplaya performs across the city from Hair of the Dog to Center Camp; from Crossroads to Champagne Lounge, and friendly camps in between. Several times a week, Acapplaya contributes to the magic of the playa by just wandering the streets and dropping in on random gatherings of people under shade to make impromptu gifted performances.