At I-Robot, there were several Burners from other camps around the City, who spent a lot of time hanging out with us. I heard first-hand that they wished they were staying with us instead. That’s because Playa Choir Camp is a desirable place to be at Burning Man, not only due to our fabulous downtown location, but because we are considerate, efficient and very well organized. Everything clicked like clockwork. Everyone brought their best selves to the table. Everyone shared in the work. Everyone gifted their time, talents and self-reliance for the benefit of others.

We were an effective blend of Newbies and Veterans, Youngsters and Elders, Singers, Support Staff, Videographers and Chefs, assembled from all walks of life. There was a beautiful mix of healthy masculinity and empowered femininity. Everyone felt free and safe. Everyone was engaged and motivated in support of our common goals. There was a happy camaraderie and very little drama. We were kind and respectful. We cared about each other. But best of all, there was a great sense of pride in what we created and accomplished together.

Much joy was had in reuniting with old comrades, and the thrill of creating new friendships took place. A wide variety of alcohol was consumed…in moderation of course (but every hour is Happy Hour, amirite?). Some mind-altering substances were in daily but discrete use. Everyone knew their limits. But songs were sung. Stories were told. Music was played. Meals were shared. Going to Burning Man is an intense lesson in survival, by no means inexpensive, and it’s certainly not a vacation. But hanging your hat at Choir Camp, with all its atmosphere, amenities and intangible benefits…well, it’s hard to put a price on that.

To be clear, we are not about any one Religion. If we were, I wouldn’t be here. But we are about uplifting the Spirit, and our SRO audience in the Dome will attest to that. While BRC was being dismantled around us, we sang loud, proud and strong to close-out an astounding week, as everyone began heading back to the Grand Playa. As such, our 15th Anniversary at TTITD turned out to be everything we could’ve wished for. It was perfect.

Ayme Kantz, Former Mayor, S.A.T.B. Village

When it comes to Burning Man and the music we do on the Playa, we have to remember that Magic prevails. We are part of something bigger than ourselves. The Something Other has seen us this far, with a crazy vista beyond our wildest imagination ahead. Our vision is to create a performance support camp for people who give back by supporting the Playa Choir project at the burn .

This will be our seventh year as a registered Theme Camp, and our 17th Anniversary on the Playa! The Playa Choir is the anchor of S.A.T.B. Village (Singers At The Burn), and with this rapid growth and responsibility comes a higher level of organization in order to make it happen well. Also, we know that if we don’t hold too tight to our expectations and allow the Playa Fairies to embellish our plan, that things work out more magnificently than we could have imagined.

While we are laying out this necessary game plan for a healthy, functioning and amazing camp, we remember that we can only control so much. The Playa Choir project does need YOU to make it happen. We need both sweat and dollars to help support what we do. Please give what you are able on both accounts. We know that in serving others with our music and offering, we ultimately serve our own selves.

2021 Choir Camp Registration Form

Our camp registration form will be open in late June 2020.

Registrations are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Confirmed registrations will close when the camp is either full, or August 1st, whichever comes first.

Village Location

TBD but you won’t miss us. Just look for the 3-storey high Dome.