Burning Man 2019 Metamorphoses
Recorded Live Sunday, September 1, 2019

7/24/19: Edits (Updated Score!)

  1. Change hmm to ooo in second verse backgrounds, beg at reh B
  2. m. 36, keep as ooh in backgrounds, same at 72,
  3. mm. 39-40 sopranos, stay on C instead of E please, same mm. 46-7, 75-76, 82-83 (basically every time you have that statement just like that)
  4. Reh D, hmm are ooh again…
  5. TenorsBasses-please join the ladies in the chorus at “People go running….mm. 44-45, 80-81
  6. Ladies, join the men in ‘we disagree, fight and divide…immediately following that. 48-49, 84-85
  7. 42-43, ‘son’ of reason comes at the last note of that phrase.
  8. Last 4 bar section at mm. 104-7, please follow the rhythm exactly. rests and endings precise!
  9. At this very moody and lifting ending, if you feel called to ‘speak’ here, please prepare something. They must be words of mercy, kindness…lmk!

I’m probably going to step on some toes wth this one. I hope not too many and not too hard. But I hope it causes people in our congregation to think. But this has been on my mind for about the last 2-3 years, which should tell you, by that number, why…

The divisiveness we are living through has made things crazy. we all know it. but I’ve found myself, after 2016, in interactions with people, thinking: Don’t be the reason. Don’t be the reason people go nuts and swing hard right. or hard left. or out of peace into insanity. Don’t be the reason people join antifa or patriot prayer.

Now. I live in the battleground of Antifa and Patriot Prayer. Literally, Portland is home to their wars. So this shit is in my face all the time. Better yet. My mother is a huge Joey Gibson fan. She lives in my house and I support this domain. My brother (who also lives here) and I, both of us veteran burners and very left coast, and somehow, we all live under one roof.

No. It isn’t easy. I have learned to bite my tongue. a LOT. In an effort to allow, to keep peace, to not fight. Doesn’t always work, but we have not killed each other…

What I think I see is a lot of hypocrisy. In the current times. and yep, in myself. Have we forgotten in these extremely divided times, in all of our pride in a democracy and a supposed free state, to allow others to be themselves? even and especially if we don’t agree?

So…I’m getting a little salty, and there’s some garlic in this song. and it’s got a dirty, funk dance-vibe. But the finish will be a sweet desert, because we can withstand these times with just a little more attention to love, peace, forgiveness and understanding.  My hope is that, in all of the preaching in 3 verses and a chorus with a bit of a charge, that the ending will be the salve, should there be any hard truths that bite.

(Maybe it’s not that bad and I’m just a writer who is equally inspired, but after, wonder where that all came from and I hope nobody turns me in for being subversive)

Anyway, There are only a few 3 parts splits, I’ve put altos together with the few divisis. and tenor/bari together. It’s a not-so-simple garage band recording, so it’s not studio quality, just something I used to write it and for you to learn it.

I hope you can find something in this to sing passionately about. Solos are up to whoever feels so inspired to preach!