OMG it’s gonna be fabulous with lasers (yeah cool) and lots of free booze, maybe some mushrooms and blow, loud dance parties all day and night, a constant stream of sexy people to play with, and a nasty hang over on Sunday morning. Best party evah – off the chain epic!

Sorry, that’s not us. While it’s hella fun to let it all hang out at Burning Man (and please do so responsibly, or at least try…or at least say you did), as a camp of singers and musicians united in a common goal, we must elevate our best selves to a higher purpose. We share an amazing gift to our community, and we impact thousands of burners around the world. They leave Burning Man with an uplifted spirit and an open, overwhelming love in their hearts. The musical connection we make is how we interact with our community, and is the art we offer and leave behind in their memories.

Interactivity is what defines us as a theme camp. It is core to the Placement evaluation process, and second on their hit list. Even more importantly, interactivity is vital to what makes Black Rock City such a truly special, unique place to live. Theme camps encourage people to get off of their bicycles, out of art cars, and be with each other doing fun and creative things. Interactivity is the experience you have being a citizen of Black Rock City.