For Our Virgins

Newbies, Noobs, Birgins: ah, the thrill of going to Burning Man for the first time! We want you to get acculturated before you show up at camp, all wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, glittered-up and behaving like a Sparkle Pony. So read the First Timer’s Guide.  Be sure to check out the 10 Principles– the Cornerstone of Burning Man philosophy.  

You will be receiving a copy of this year’s survival Guide with your tickets, but here is a copy of last year’s guide to get you started.    Survival Guide  Read up, it’s important stuff that will help you prepare for your trip to the desert. 

And whether it’s your first time, or your gazillionth, please take time to read this Anthropological History of Burning Man. It will provide you with wonderful perspective!