This is a working list of the Location, theme and music performed by Playa Choir since it’s inception. For additions, and suggestions, please email

Playa Choir MusicArtistNotes:
2022 Multiverse Rod’s Road & 3:15 Colors: White & Silver
Peace Like a RiverMadi
Find the LightMadi
A Beautiful Noise Alicia Keys/ Brandi Carlisle
Embrace the Shadow Danny White
I Don’t Know What You Came to Do! Bebe Winans
2021 (Terra Incognita- Canceled Burning Man Theme)
Rouge Burn “Plan B” on Playa 9:30 & C
“Ode to the Porta Potties”Madi, Tori & Deb – Based on Aretha Franklin’s I Never Loved a ManPlaya Choir had a small (4) but enthusiastic presence at the Renegade Burn- It was an awesome experience akin to what early Burns must have been like. But we missed the porta potties!
& @Villa Agave- Broadcasted the Virtual Service
Playa Choir Theme “Greatest Hits”
Later in the week- we converged at Villa Agave and camped with Accaplaya. We spent a long weekend lounging by the River and making music. We broadcasted our Virtual Service on what would have been Burn Sunday.
Angels Keep Watch Over Me
Let Us be LovingAlice Russel
Carry MeMadi
Find the Light InsideMadi
2020 Solstice Service
Via Zoom @at home everywhere!
Welcome to DaylightLuminate
The Waters of BabylonDon McLean
2020 Burn Sunday Service
Via Zoom @at home everywhere!
Where the Streets Have no NameU2
In the Spring of 2020 when the world shut down due to the Global Pandemic- Playa Choir met via Zoom on a Sunday to create community and find some reassurance. Our first zoom was a series of performances and speakers. Members shared songs, words of wisdom and readings to help deal with the isolation and frightening situation we were confronted wtih. These meetings soon morphed into a weekly social gathering that many Choir members say helped them make it through the pandemic. We planned three virtual services and bonded friendships that would never had been as deep only meeting once a year on Playa. These Sunday zooms continue to this day and are now an integral part of the Playa Choir inner circle.
2019 Metamorphosis
8:15 & G
Colors: Red
Welcome to DaylightLuminate
Reap Our Inner KindnessCarson Krause
It’s not OverAaron Lindsay, Israel Houghton, Racardo Sanchez
Don’t be the Reason
2018 I Robot
Rod’s Road & 7:15
Colors white & Silver
Everytime Do What the Spirit SayMadi
Beautiful SpiritMadi
Well DoneMadiAdapted from Mark Hubbard’s Vision
2017 Radical Ritual
Rod’s Road & 7:15
Choir Theme: Feathers
Colors white & orange/pink/coral
Enter InJoe Pace
Bitter WindMadi
Heaven is WaitingMadi
Lets us be Loving
2016 Da Vinci’s Workshop
Choir Theme- “Fire”
Colors white & red
Fire in my BonesPerry Stone
Holy MornTina Malia
Leave it all BehindMadiAdapted from Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien- Charles Dumont
Walk on By FaithJames Cleavland
Carry MeMadi
2015 Carnival of Mirrors
Choir Theme- “water”
Colors white & blue
Grace CanyonMadi
Faith Moves Like a Thousand WavesBen Jansen
Take me to the WaterRollo Dillworth
2014 Caravansary
Camped@6 & K
Performed @ 3:15 & C
Blackrock Cantina
Colors: white and silver
Defying GravityJessie Winchester
I Thank You God for this Most Amazing DayPoem: E.E. Cummings
Music by Madi
Angels Keep Watching Over Me
We Fall Down*
Won Pabu Fai*
2013 Cargo Cult
Carry MeMadi
Guide Me, O Great Redeemer
Everything’s Gonna Be All Right
2012- Fertility
Tune Into LoveMadi
These Sheets of WhiteMadi
Oh Freedom !Traditional Spiritual
With a Little Help from my FriendsLennon/ McCartney
Encourage my Soul
Even When I Fall
Nothing But Miracles
Performed at Center Camp
Carry Me
This Little Light
Precious Lord
We Were Meant To Shine
2009 @Jazz Cafe
A New Beginning
Angels Keep Watching Over Me
Amazing Grace
Oh Freedom
I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free
Don’t Give up
2007 on Esplanade w/ Philadelphia Experiment
Heaven Help Us All
Up Above My Head
2006- First Playa dome Performed at Jazz CampSam and Ted Phoebe
2004Madi bought the Playa Dome for rehearsal
“Some Stanky Army Tent”
The Spirit Room
“Hambone” aka David Raven was in the Choir