Burning Man 2019 Metamorphoses
Recorded Live Sunday, September 1, 2019

7/24/19: Edits (Updated Score!)

  1. Please hold the ends of phrases to the end of the bar, all the way to beat 1 of next measure: 29, 33, 37, 41
  2. Scope the new ending. The notes are exactly what you have sung in the previous chorus, just simplified and on ooh. waaaaaay cooler…

Reap Our Inner Kindness
by Carson Krause

So, this will be the first time I am bringing a student of mine to the playa. Carson Krause. You met Carson’s sister, Robyn Cates the last two years. She camped/sang with us, slept in her big pick up with Oregon plates…she will not be with us this year, she’s in the Galapagos. BUT her brother is one of my MPT students and he is a solid bassist, great singer, brings joy to a room instantly, has a smile that melts away your worries and makes everyone feel like they belong. He is an outstanding human being and we are blessed to have him come play bass for the choir…(um, he is going to have his mind blowwwwwwwn…!) ANYWAY…this is his song. He wrote it.

It is super sweet. When he sang this for us in songwriting, I just welled up with tears because damnit. I can be such a bitch sometimes, and complain about this that and the other thing and worry about things I don’t have control over and blah blah blah, walking around with pigtails too damned tight. And there’s my student, Carson… Preaching the good word. Just what I needed to hear. In very simple, sweet, kind words.

So I put together an arrangement of it for us, with his permission, of course. I hope you like it. Ya’all got the chorus and we will do our little rock out jam at the end. More than likely, Carson will sing the solo. (you’re gonna love his voice…)

The chorus repeats a bunch, so the memory will not be hard. I think our challenge w/ this piece is the harmony. This will require a softer tone and solid intonation, as there are some shifty harmonies, major 7ths and a few other tricky things. When practicing, use a light tone and focus on being as in tune as possible. Any vocal jazz experience is good for you here!

Love ya!