S.A.T.B. (Singers At The Burn) is a returning Village for 2020, incorporating the Playa Choir Project, and our sister camp and smaller jazz vocal ensemble, Acapplaya. Both Camps have an organic and healthy synchronicity, as singers from both groups cross-pollinate and sing together.

We work extremely hard at bringing an interactive, visually stimulating, principled, decommodified, neighborly, safe, respectful, green, and awesome Village to Black Rock City. We are bound together in ways difficult to put in words. It’s hard to put a price on. All of us committed toward a common, artistic and meaningful purpose. Parts greater than the Whole. We realize small communities know that prosperity and growth relies on the love, help and support of each other. We depend on our shared humanity.

Looking to the future, we wish to grow the culture of organic, vocal music at Burning Man, and envision providing a home and support center for a greater vocal village, to include other vocalists and singing groups, like Barbershop Quartets, Renaissance Madrigals, or a cappella groups similar to “The Bobs.”

The S.A.T.B. Village exemplifies radical inclusion, participation, radical self-expression, and communal efforts in the very core of how our camps operate and what they bring to the Burning Man community. We offer cool shady spaces, refreshments and respite, and eagerly invite and welcome curious visitors and weary travelers alike.