Burning Man 2019 Metamorphoses
Recorded Live Sunday, September 1, 2019

HEY Playa choir…

How are you? Unsettling some dust as you start to think about the very thrilling fact that in just over a month, we will be together on the playa again???!!! Dust Dance!

Shopping for LED solar lights and making sure you have that back up headlamp for like, burn day when you lost your other one in a cuddle puddle at the trash fence at sunrise? Of course you are…! Good job! (If I could just remember where the hell I hid it…)

Well, guess what…? I have some news.

I did it. I know. You are busy. I know. I’m sorry…

“But Madi, ‘It’s Not Over’ is kicking my ass, and there’s too many sections and fuck, it’s too high, I’m a baritone and even the Bass part sucks. Come on, Madi? WTF?”

I know. “And I need baby wipes and sparkly things and seriously. Like, you haven’t even told us what we are supposed to be wearing… and you have the balls to write another song?? ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH?”

No, not at all. (Balls? only at Pink Mammoth…) But this is gonna elevate everyone, I PROMISE. And its super easy…I PROMISE. And it’ll be our communion song. Hold on, I’ll swing back to this:

Here’s the deal.

My friend and ski buddy, John, whispered this into my consciousness actually. He is coming along this year, he’s going to help build and strike and probably eat a bunch of dust, since he’s a virgin. But he told me about this word, Sahale.

Truth is that we shred boards together at Meadows on Hood and that company has been using that word for their new lodge and their epic ski pass. The Sahale Pass. He told me that it was a Native word meaning to Rise Above. I looked a little deeper and it means that and also Falcon. Well, that word has been stirring around in my mind because I like the definition. I like how it sounds, it has good rhythm and it flies off the lips well.

So. on the way home last night, the melody came to me, super simple and this morning, I put it together on garage band, like I do. ALL. FOR. YOU.

The spoken word part…Why I’m choosing this for communion:

The more I do this work with you and Renegade Gospel, the more I’m about The Spirituality of Authenticity. The communion with the muse, the Divine, that thing, so that when I desire to manifest something, I have some winged dust-fairies assisting so it all goes more magically. The wind at my back, in my sails, in my hair, ya know. Just like a commercial…

As it is, I’m hitting this age in my life where I’m taking this personal climb to the next level of life-artistry. As many of you know, when you forge your own crazy trail, there can be obstacles. They are there for a reason.

Will I have the grace enough to jump over that rock without tripping on it and breaking a bone? Do I have the stamina to keep climbing? What if I can’t see the light through the trees towards the end of the climb? Did I just hear something in the woods?

If you want to create something so unique and bad-ass, there are no directions. And sometimes, people will tell you you’re crazy, and they may criticize or they might even try to hinder you, especially if deep inside, they gave up on their own dreams and are unconsciously pissed as hell that you might actually have the audacity to keep climbing and not listen to them.

More than this, and here is the lesson, I think: When this happens, when the nay-sayers say nay, what do you do?

Do you listen? To the rustling in the dark?
Do you diminish yourself to fit in? And hide in a cave?
Do you falter? When you stub your toe?
Do you fight back and get entangled? With the thorny bushes along the way?

Sometimes, I have. Have you?

I wrote this as encouragement to myself AND to all of the dreamers in our choral-aural-sphere who will have just spent a week burning away baggage, and may very well have a spark to take their lives to the next level. This is kerosene for that spark, to take the high road. Or stay on that trail and keep climbing, to rise above all that seeks to pull you down, including and especially, your own pain-in-the-ass, always-acting-like-a-whiney-2-year-old, monkey mind.


Sa-fucking-hale. Rise above the nay-sayers and monkey mind, and bless them with a prayer, but refuse entanglement and choose only our highest authenticity.

I promise, it’s easy. There is no piano/guitar part, please be prepared to bang out some percussion! bring a shaker or steal a pan from the kitchen…(or steal it from the camp next door that won’t shut off their music
at 3am…bwaaa haaaaa haaaaaa!!

I love you. Can’t wait to roll in some dust with you!