In this aptly titled year of Metamorphoses, it can be difficult to accept change. Success can breed complacency. But as a lesson in survival, Burning Man is all about adaptive and prepared self reliance. Yet it takes courage, conviction and dedication to embrace change, and push forward into something new. In a Village of singers and musicians, we’re creating a new and adaptive, parallel path of our Vision. We’re pleased to launch our Temple of Harmonics as a new Playa Choir tradition,. And through song, another way we help our community connect with the Something Other often overlooked at Burning Man.

What Is It?

A sacred, peaceful, safe and inviting morning space in our beautiful Dome – our Cathedral, if you will – combined with soft pre-recorded or live acoustic music, and a small vat of fresh hot coffee nearby. Don’t forget your cup!
The stage is set for you. You are invited to drop in for caffeine and a comfy place to chill and get your day started. For bleary-eyed survivors, there’s always a pillow. Start a yoga session. Meditate. Write, draw or paint. Practice your aerial skills on our silks. Listen to the music. Dance if it feels right. Offer a massage on our table (or receive one). Bring and play an instrument.
Circle Sing together and share vocal improvisations. Use your talents to listen, share, and express yourself as parts of a greater whole. Feel the rhythmic pulse. Experience the sound’s different dynamics and layers. Open yourself to the music’s full breadth. Discern the wealth and variety of vocal timbres, and achieve a state of collective consciousness.

What makes Black Rock City incredible is there is no prescription for the “right” kind of interactivity. There are no predetermined interactivity categories. Your imagination and your creativity is the engine. This is a temporary city, an experiment every year. Because of that, you never know what to expect!

Every Day, Monday through Saturday. 7:30am – 9:30am

It’s Instrumental!

Bring to share:

  • Finger cymbals and gongs
  • Crystal or metal singing bowls
  • Hand drums, hangs or pans
  • Didgeridoos and Bagpipes
  • Recorders and flutes
  • Hurdy Gurdy’s and Barrel organs
  • Guitars, ukuleles and lutes
  • Accordions and squeezeboxes