After 6+ years of being a lucky member of the Sunday morning congregation, I wanted to send some financial support. Sending huge hugs with deeply appreciative thanks for all the hard work and emotional dedication it takes to make the Choir happen every year. [And] what did I think of the service? I cry every time. The good cry, of course. 🙂 Playa Choir is an important part of my Burning Man ritual — am glad you are there every year. My donation wasn’t much, but hope it falls into the spirit of every bit helps. Thanks again to the entire Choir Family.

Also had a funny and unexpected Choir story the other day. Colleague at work asked where I had been on vacation. When I told him Burning Man, he said:

“Oh. Burning Man. I’m not a fan. My mom’s funeral was over Labor Day last year, and two of her best friends from church said they couldn’t make the service because they were committed to singing in some choir at Burning Man. They’re 80 years old for Christsake! What are they doing singing in a choir at Burning Man?!?”

I was mortified because I couldn’t help but laugh.

Rob Kahn

I was in Playa Choir last year. It was my first Burn, and the Choir is a huge part of why I’m coming back to Burning Man again this year! To reconnect with music and my voice in such a meaningful, deep way was really clarifying and life-shifting for me. And some of you may remember I was the one who sang the first solo on “Walk On” last year*. Thanks for welcoming me into the fold. I can’t wait to sing with you again!

I loved every minute with you guys. It felt like home. I love singing and I am so grateful that Madi has the power, the vision and the engagement to create this wonderful place at Burning Man.

Next year I want to join you guys again. The most moving experiences were the two concerts – at the temple and the dome. I loved the Sanctuary art car as surrounding, the rising sun, the wonderful speeches, the song for Larry (was my favorite) and the way Madi taught us.

I want to thank you for the great time, the wonderful songs and the touching concerts. I love the community and I still sing the songs sometimes. Until next year. You do great work! Big hug from Germany!

Beate Quast

I haven’t been in a choir since high school (gospel) – but I enjoyed it a lot back then. Currently, I do capoeira, were we also sing a lot (very basic Afro-Brazilian songs though). When I saw the newsletter about the choir, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get more involved and contribute to Burning Man.

I feel singing and being in a choir is a beautiful way of exchanging happiness. I also know and could see that setting up a choir requires a lot of effort! I noticed that you are taking much care by delivering the partitions in advance, the Google drive, and so much more. I thought by donating I could perhaps help to contribute a little bit more to the choir’s success.

Rachel Nedi

I had two blissful years soaking in the voices of the choir. In the first, I was so intimidated. Madi is a FORCE and I was worried that I wasn’t prepared enough, my voice wasn’t soulful enough, my happiness not fervent enough. But that’s the beauty of music, isn’t it? It ebbs and flows with pure joy, without judgment. It speaks to all of us, surrounds us in warmth and acceptance, lifting us up beyond our self-doubt.

By the time we performed our Sunday service, I was hooked. I wish that feeling for everyone…to be a part of something bigger than themselves, to see how your actions can bring unbridled elation to others, to find camaraderie and friendliness in every face around you. The choir is about giving back what is so freely given.

Erin Zeitler

What inspires me to contribute, and to sing with this crew? It could be that I’m in it for me. It’s a real thrill when music goes right. An awesome, bone chilling, deep and wide rush. It could be that it’s good for my heart and spirit, too. And maybe I’m drawn to the magic of Madi, conductor from Planet Awesome. And, I appreciate that the crew must spend months in advance getting all the pieces ready. That little choir dome is like a lens that, to me, brings into focus the best part of my Burn. A true desert jewel. And did I mention that this is a pretty good bunch of musicians in there, too? So, I want to help, and to keep this magic going. I do it for me, because y’all inspire me to be a better person.