Burning Man 2019 Metamorphoses
Recorded Live Sunday, September 1, 2019

7/24/19: Edits (Updated Score!)

  1. Take out m. 22.
  2. M. 38, change the rhythm to 8th, quarter, 8th. (you’ll want to intuitively do this anyway.)
  3. We may go back to the beginning at the very end to end. We’ll see when we get there! stay tuned…
  4. Rhythm section, much better intro-check it out.

Hey choir…this is our opener!

Happy, joyful, reverent, moving us into a new day, a new life, It’s a GREAT NEW YEAR’S DAY SONG!

Welcome to Daylight
by Luminate

So, this is a re-arrangement of a tune I found while looking for your set. The original version is cool, but not us.  (If you check out the orig version, it may be tough to switch back and forth, just warning you…it took me a while to get that out of my ear.)

Now, the lyric. I don’t know. Not sure if they could have nailed it any better. Maybe Enter In we did a few years ago. but ya. It’s a sweet eye opener and a get-ready-for-miracles-kinda song.

Ok, so garage band, it’s pretty cool but the loops are limited, unless you are in a straight 4, which this song is not. It’s a polyrhythmic shuffle, so if there are any percussionists in the house, let’s get you on double duty. The loop ain’t exactly what I’m looking for, but will give you an idea. Clapping is in order for sure…

If you are an arranger/comp nerd like me, then you’ll notice I left out the second verse AND the bridge because, well. I thought this was enough for what we need. (Plus, there is that first song I gave you…). We will extend the two sections at the chorus, in ways we will figure out when we get there…

Having said that, I’m leaving some space for narration at the beginning oohs. Where that comes from is up to you. (or it can come from the bridge…) AND clearly some choreography. I’m seeing you on the risers, asleep, like sleeping bees…and slowly rising, opening your eyes as we sing the oohs and slowly make a new day. I like the metamorphosis of this concept, from asleep to daylight, new eyes. Or something like that anyway. dancers. we need dancers…!

Someone once told me a long time ago, before I ever came to the desert, “…once you go to Burning Man, nothing ever looks the same again.” That is why I chose this piece, he was right!