Welcome to the Playa Choir!

Wait, What!? There’s a choir at Burning Man?

Playa Choir is a rowdy, non-dogmatic Choir that takes place every year out on the Black Rock Desert during Burning Man. 2022 marked Playa Choir’s 20th year on the playa! Burning Man is a mecca for art of all kinds, and music plays a huge part in the culture. Embodying the Burning Man Principals of Participation, Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Self Expression, Communal Effort and Immediacy, Playa Choir is an unforgettable, life altering experience for both the audience and the Choristers alike.

There are many ways to experience Playa Choir


Playa Choir rehearses every day Tuesday – Saturday at 10:30 at the Playa Choir Dome. All are Welcome. Come and join the choir or grab a cushion and enjoy the show. Playa Choir practices radical inclusion and anyone can join the choir- no auditions necessary. Sheet music is available at the Rehearsals, though music is available over the summer, and Choir members who are planning on singing with the Choir practice their parts in advance and come on playa prepared. This is a huge advantage when Playa Brain sets in. But every year, we have many Choir members who find us during their burn and decide to join!

We love having an audience during rehearsals! There are many cushions, chairs and nice places to just lay down and rest and listen. Feel free to stop by and come in for the whole time or just a song or two!


Playa Choir has two performances on Sunday. Both feature the same music- but the Temple Service is shorter.

Sunrise Service at the Temple

At the crack of dawn, the Choir gathers on the Eastern side of the Temple and greets the new day with song. For many Burners, this is the first day of the New Year. The service has been described as “A sacred ritual of awakening”. Many folks are gathered at the temple, often worn out and rugged from an emotional week and the crescendo of voices in unison as the sun peeks over the horizon can be an overwhelming and cathartic release.

Service at the Dome

At 11:00am on Sunday morning, Playa Choir brings down the house with our Standing-Room-Only Dome Performance. Be sure to get there early if you want a seat out of the sun! Accompanied by our very own Rockin, Playa Choir Band, we sing our hearts out and close out what has been an amazing week for all! This service is simultaneously broadcasted on BMIR, and reaches Burners in their cars during Exodus and friends and family around the world. This service is a special combination of rowdy music, amazing vocals, dancers, speakers and touches of inspiration from Burners of all colors, shapes, genders, orientations, ages and spiritual inclinations! Don’t miss it!

Playa Choir Camp

Playa Choir is also a Theme Camp. Members of our Band, Choir and Support crew camp together at the Playa Choir Camp. We are a large friendly camp with many amenities.

So, Welcome to Playa Choir! Read on for more information on what we do and how YOU can get involved!