For 2024: Curiouser and Curiouser – the Playa Choir has begun laying out a necessary game plan for a healthy, functioning and amazing camp. We remember that we can only control so much. The Playa Choir project does need YOU to make it happen. We need both sweat equity when the time comes, and dollars to help support what we do, in the lead-up to late August. Please give what you are able on both accounts. We know that in serving others with our music and offering, we ultimately serve our selves.

2024 The Temple of Together

We are so grateful to have choristers in a position to give generously. But when it comes to grass roots fundraising, we all know it’s the smallest amounts that quickly add up to big things. Help us Transform yet again for Burning Man 2024: Curiouser And Curiouser!

Our Gifts To You!

New Swag!

Pencil / Sharpener Set

For a painless $10 donation, we’ll be happy to send you our Custom #2 Pencil and Sharpener Set. As a singer, you should always show up to rehearsal with a pencil, and keep it sharp!

New Sticker Bundle!

We’re bundling our old reliable favorites, and for your gift of $20, we’ll gift you back with 2 of the Large Stickers, 4 of the Small stickers, and 2 of our sew-on Patches!

Ya just gotta have a merit badge, and now you get two! And who doesn’t love stickers at Burning Man? These are great for all sorts of uses, conversation starters, on your vehicle, on your jacket, on your water bottle, gifting to friends and strangers, and on the stuff you want returned if it goes missing on Playa. Stock up!

New Jewelry Bundle!

For your loving donation of $35, we’ll gift you with 2 of our beautiful and dainty soft-enamel (in black) Silver Charms (sorry, no more necklace chains – they don’t fit. Chalk it up to inherited quality control issues).

You’ll also receive 2 of our classic Antique Bronze Medallions from the 2020 Multiverse Burn that never happened. We recommend that these collector’s items be worn with a leather cord (they’re rather heavy), so break out a pair of needle-nose pilers, and lose that ugly blue neck ribbon. Your call if you keep the jump ring or not.

Playa Choir Tees!

Friends, Choristers, Burners – lend me your Big Floppy Fuzzy Ears! (Just kidding…no need to lend me anything, got a pair of my own, thanks.)

We heard your cries in the wilderness, yea verily, “giveth us wearables!”, and we have heard you. Introducing our first batch of Playa Choir Tees, in Charcoal, in sizes S, M, L, and XL. Quantities are limited, but one of these beauties could be yours for a generous donation of $50. That logo is popping! Show your Pride! Support your Tribe!

PC Tees: New Color! Special Sizes!

Alice whispered in our ears again. She said we need 2XL and 3XL sizes for our beloved Choristers. So here you go. For your $60 donation, these new Tees in Sand are available in limited quantities, sizes 2XL and 3XL only!

Support Your Tribe – We Need You!

Some recent silliness…

A group of us went to Iveson Ranch for a weekend of hard dusty work. We busted our butts cleaning, repairing, and inventorying in an effort to prepare for the 2022 Burn. While we accomplished a lot, there’s still a lot that must happen for the Playa Choir to return to the Playa in 2024.

We believe in the power of kindness, and we believe in the power of love. Please keep us in your thoughts. Thank you!