2020 is upon us, so may we lovingly continue to peel away into the core of our being, for inner peace rolls close with deep authenticity.

May we give in abundance, for we know the cycle is a circle.

May there be more fun, joy, family, community and laughter, for in community we are uniquely human. Please help us get to The Multiverse, and we hope you will join us there in the dust.


A Playa Choir Sticker is a great way to connect with other Burners in the Default World. Stick one on your car and make a new friend!

Our Gift to You for a $10 Donation.

Cool New Patch – Ya just gotta have a Merit Badge! Your Burner Jacket should be sporting one of these!

Our Gift to You, plus the Sticker, for a $25 Donation.

Represent the Playa Choir energy adorned by this lovely Charm, complete with necklace chain. Simply Beautiful!

Our Gift to You, plus the Patch and the Sticker, for a $50 Donation.

This gorgeous, weighty Medallion has been made specific for the 2020 Burn. Perfect to commemorate 17 awesome years working Madi’s magic!

Our Gift to you, along with the Mug, Charm, Patch and Sticker, for a $75 Donation.

This Laser Etched Stainless Mug w/ Lid is the first time we’re offering these insulated bad boys, and you’ll want one on playa and off. D-Ring one to your belt and you’re no longer a Virgin!

Our gift to you, along with the Charm, Patch and Sticker for a $100 donation.

These heavy weight Playa Choir Hoodies are ultra-cool, super fine quality and another attention grabber off playa and on. You’ll definitely want to be warm ‘n fuzzy at the Temple Sunrise Service!

Our Gift to you, along with everything else shown above, for your generous $150 Donation.

Kat Pawlofsky, representing hard!