I Feel Your Spirit

I Feel Your Spirit – Reference Recordings





Hey choir…

Oh how fun this song will be…! This will be our opener….!

I know when I get goosebumps and can’t sit still, and I SEE you in my minds eye crushing this…I know I came across something that fits you. So, apparently Hezekiah Walker is a big ol deal, and this shows just how little I know about gospel music. He’s a grammy award winning artist, and his music is KILLING…! So fun…

I didn’t need permission because I could simply buy a chart.
Well, I mean, I bought a chart that needs some editing to fit us, which, I’m working on…Sounds like a great project for a cross-country plane ride on Saturday….

IN the meantime, I made some practice tracks for this.
It’s easy, 2 sections really, but repeated up a half-step 4 times.  It needs for a great soloist. So get your rowdy chops happening if that is your calling.

I only made tracks for one set of sections because, again, it repeats. You can learn that one part, then apply it to the new key.

We will edit the words a bit, and that will be reflected in the updated chart that you’ll have soon.

I feel Your Spirit – I feel the Spirit
I feel your Presence –  I feel the Presence
I feel your Glory –  I feel the Playa

We need a GREAT tambourine player for this…It’s got a very New Orleans bump to it, so have fun…!