Playa Choir exemplifies radical inclusion, participation, radical self-expression, and communal efforts in the very core of how our camp operates and what we bring to the Burning Man community. We offer cool shady spaces, refreshments and respite, and eagerly invite and welcome curious visitors and weary travelers alike.

Community Courtyard

The Choir provides a large communal shaded courtyard adjacent to the kitchen. Five 10×20 carports form this courtyard, and are the prime camping sites on our lot, accommodating up to 20 bodies.

Tables, benches and some chairs will be provided. It’s a great place to eat, chill, rest or hang-out at any time of day, with solar lighting at night to keep things cheery and safe!

Camp Kitchen

The Choir provides a large communal kitchen for everyone’s use: two large 3-burner Stoves, a tabletop BBQ (propane for both provided), shelving, tables, a dish washing station and a hydration station are included. You’ll also find our First Aid Kit, a Fire Extinguisher, and extra potable water there. Please bring your own cookware, and extra water to share for the hydration station. Feel free to collaborate with your campmates and make shared meals together.

Camp Shower

The Camp Shower provides privacy and is designed to suspend a maximum weight of 3 gallons only. You MUST bring your own solar shower bag (or share one with a friend). Do not over-fill your solar shower bag. Use only biodegradable and low-suds soaps (Camp Suds). Use the foot pump to empty the shower tub into the grey water holding tank when finished.

Grey Water Disposal

A 250-gallon holding tank is provided for the safe and easy disposal of grey water only. Absolutely no food waste goes in there! No excess ice chest water goes in there! That can be dumped on the road – don’t make puddles, try to spread it around as evenly as you can.

Burn Barrel

The Choir has a Burn Barrel to make things cozy at night, and to help dispose of other burnables (no food waste!). Please use it, however you must assist in its maintenance. Never leave a fire unattended! Before lighting another fire, ashes must be cleared and disposed of in the metal can provided. Use your best judgement. Please read and observe the Open Fire Guidelines provided in BMorg’s online Camp Resource Guide.

Electronics Charging Station

While we encourage our campers to turn their gizmos off during the Burn, the Choir provides a solar-powered charging station for all your electronic devices, with a variety of USB and 12v ports. Bring your own power cords and tag your name on them. Many of these often get left behind.

Communal Ice Chest

The Choir will provide an ice chest for communal use. It’s a great place to keep beer (hint!).