2024: We Have Been Placed

Due to an unintentional mistake on BMorg’s part, we have been relocated to the 6:00 Plaza.  It was a difficult process, but in general we are satisfied with the outcome.  
“What happened?”, you may be asking. We were very pleased with our 6:30 and D placement, but we were unhappy with the amount of space we had been allocated. The more Guthrie tried to fit everything into the allocated footprint, the more we realized it was an impossible task. Our camp has grown this year and it was just not physically possible. We were upset and wondered why Placement had given us such a small spot.

We reached out to Placement to inquire what had happened, and to make a plea for why we needed more space. They responded immediately with sincere apologies and revealed that it was a huge mistake. They repeated several times that “Playa Choir is such a great camp!”, and “We love you!” – there was no intention to squish us into such a small space.

That being said, the problem was larger lots downtown were no longer available. Fortunately, another placed camp had recently dropped out and there was room at the 6:00 Plaza. We have been allocated a very large plot of land with frontage on the plaza as well as a large frontage along H.

We have deep roots to the 6:00 Plaza. It’s where we first built our beautiful Dome back in 2015. Ahhh, the memories of the incessant ringing of the Gate Bell, as hoards of Virgins entered Burning Man. Be sure to bring a LOT of earplugs!

MOOP Map 2023

Choir Camp scored “Clear” for 2023. There are some red dots on the road in front of our campsite, but we’re not accountable for the road.

Good Standing

Theme camps are rated every year after the Burn on a number of factors and receive feedback from BMorg.  This status is based on MOOP scores, neighbor reports, and follow-through on interactivity of the camp. Basically:

  • Did you do what you said you were going to do?
  • Were you a good neighbor?
  • Did you clean up after yourself? 

BMOrg is serious about the 10 principals (as are we), and camps that do not follow these important guidelines lose theme camp status for the next year. 

We are happy to report that THANKS to such an amazing camp, we received official notification of our status of “Good Standing”!

We are already moving forward with plans for 2024 and have filed our Statement of Intent to participate as a Theme Camp. Due to extremely positive feedback in our 2023 Camper Feedback survey, Playa Choir camp is predicting we will grow in 2024. 

If you wish to join the Choir in 2024, start planning now and be prepared when registration opens.  Our very popular inside covered shade spaces filled up very quickly in 2023.

Interactive Map at bottom of page.

A Testimonial

At I-Robot, there were several Burners from other camps around the City, who spent a lot of time hanging out with us. I heard first-hand that they wished they were staying with us instead. That’s because Playa Choir Camp is a desirable place to be at Burning Man, not only due to our fabulous downtown location, but because we are considerate, efficient and very well organized. Everything clicked like clockwork. Everyone brought their best selves to the table. Everyone shared in the work. Everyone gifted their time, talents and self-reliance for the benefit of others.

We were an effective blend of Newbies and Veterans, Youngsters and Elders, Singers, Support Staff, Videographers and Chefs, assembled from all walks of life. There was a beautiful mix of healthy masculinity and empowered femininity. Everyone felt free and safe. Everyone was engaged and motivated in support of our common goals. There was a happy camaraderie and very little drama. We were kind and respectful. We cared about each other. But best of all, there was a great sense of pride in what we created and accomplished together.

Much joy was had in reuniting with old comrades, and the thrill of creating new friendships took place. A wide variety of alcohol was consumed…in moderation of course (but every hour is Happy Hour, amirite?). Some mind-altering substances were in daily but discrete use. Everyone knew their limits. But songs were sung. Stories were told. Music was played. Meals were shared. Going to Burning Man is an intense lesson in survival, by no means inexpensive, and it’s certainly not a vacation. But hanging your hat at Choir Camp, with all its atmosphere, amenities and intangible benefits…well, it’s hard to put a price on that.

To be clear, we are not about any one Religion. If we were, I wouldn’t be here. But we are about uplifting the Spirit, and our SRO audience in the Dome will attest to that. While BRC was being dismantled around us, we sang loud, proud and strong to close-out an astounding week, as everyone began heading back to the Grand Playa. As such, our 15th Anniversary at TTITD turned out to be everything we could’ve wished for. It was perfect.

Ayme Kantz, Former Mayor, S.A.T.B. Village

2024 will be our 10th year as a registered Theme Camp,
and our 22nd Anniversary as a Burning Man Choir!
We hope you will join us.