Music AuthorAdditional Notes
2021 (Terra Incognita- Canceled Burning Man Theme)
Rouge Burn “Plan B” on Playa 9:30 & C
& @Villa Agave- Broadcasted the Virtual Service
Playa Choir Theme “Greatest Hits”
Angels Keep Watch Over Me
Let Us be LovingAlice Russel
Carry MeMadi
Find the Light InsideMadi
2020 Via Zoom @at home everywhere! Solstice Service
Welcome to DaylightLuminate
The Waters of BabylonDon McLean
2020 Via Zoom @at home everywhere! Burn Service
Where the Streets Have no NameU2
2019 Metamorphosis
8:15 & G
Welcome to DaylightLuminate
Reap Our Inner KindnessCarson Krause
It’s not OverAaron Lindsay, Israel Houghton, Racardo Sanchez
Don’t be the Reason
2018 I Robot
Rod’s Road & 7:15
Colors white & Silver
Everytime Do What the Spirit SayMadi
Beautiful SpiritMadi
Well DoneMadiAdapted from Mark Hubbard’s Vision
2017 Radical Ritual
Rod’s Road & 7:15
Choir Theme: Feathers
Colors white & orange/pink/coral
Enter InJoe Pace
Bitter WindMadi
Heaven is WaitingMadi
Lets us be Loving
2016 Da Vinci’s Workshop
Choir Theme- “Fire”
Colors white & red
Fire in my BonesPerry Stone
Holy MornTina Malia
Leave it all BehindMadiAdapted from Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien- Charles Dumont
Walk on By FaithJames Cleavland
Carry MeMadi
2015 Carnival of Mirrors
Choir Theme- “water”
Colors white & blue
Grace CanyonMadi
Faith Moves Like a Thousand WavesBen Jansen
Take me to the WaterRollo Dillworth
2014 Caravansary
Camped@6 & K
Performed @ 3:15 & C
Colors: white and silver
Defying GravityJessie Winchester
I Thank You God for this Most Amazing DayPoem: E.E. Cummings
Music by Madi
Angels Keep Watching Over Me
We Fall Down*
Won Pabu Fai*
2013 Cargo Cult
Carry MeMadi
Guide Me, O Great Redeemer
Everything's Gonna Be All Right
2012- Fertility
Tune Into LoveMadi
These Sheets of WhiteMadi
Oh Freedom !Traditional Spiritual
With a Little Help from my FriendsLennon/ McCartney
Encourage my Soul
Even When I Fall
Nothing But Miracles
Performed at Center Camp
Carry Me
This Little Light
Precious Lord
We Were Meant To Shine
A New Beginning
Angels Keep Watching Over Me
Amazing Grace
Oh Freedom
I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free
Don’t Give up
2007 on Esplanade w/ Philadelphia Experience
Heaven Help Us All
Up Above My Head
2006- First Playa dome Performed at Jazz Camp
“Some Stanky Army Tent”
The Spirit Room