The Temple Of Grace

This was the year Tofu Pete from PlayaTel helped Miss Ayme and Madi get placed as a separate Theme Camp, but still under his umbrella. Unfortunately, it rained that year, closing the Gate and everything on wheels slogged to a standstill.

Pete did come through with the expected shipping container, dropped nicely on our lot as expected. But he didn’t give us the key to the padlock. We searched everywhere in the City we thought they’d be, to no avail. By the time we got the door open, it was too late to build the ThunderDome, even if we had a crane. But Madi found us a place to rehearse and perform at the Black Rock Cantina, right on the Esplanade. Our camp was located waay in the back of the City at K…so the bike ride down there was a great way to warm up! We managed to at least schlep the risers down there, and that’s where we did our thing. The folks at the Cantina were very accommodating, and their Dome was nice!

It’s also there where we met David Syre (Ona), and it’s when Miss Ayme had had enough of the uncertainty of the Nomadic Lifestyle, and was determined to find the Choir a permanent home. And that is a story for 2015.

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