The Temple

Radical Ritual had us poised for success, and amazingly that’s exactly what happened…but not really, we were so freekin’ organized by now that all our bases were covered. We had paid our dues and were ready for the Big Shoe! And for the first time, we received primo placement downtown at Rod’s Road & 7:15. We had arrived big time!

We were joined in Camp that year by David Syre (Ona), who brought his RV and a couple friends who loved to cook – and we set up a Galley complex. The three of them fed our Build and Strike Teams, still on an uncoordinated schedule that interrupted work flows, but wow did that make a difference! And that set the tone for all future Burns. It was imperative that we have our own in-house Galley Krewe (again, radical self-reliance), and we began building that requirement into all future budgets.

By then Miss Ayme had stopped bringing a camera, and left her cell phone off all that time on-playa. Pictures, recordings and videos should be left to professionals. Besides, she was up to her eyeballs in all things BMorg, already eyeing what improvements or upgrades were needed for 2018.

So if you or anyone you know have recordings, photos or videos to share, please email them (or a link to your online Gallery) to our Web Mistress, thank you.