The Empryean Temple

The Choir finally returned and helped build, Black Rock City in 2022. Because we had been prepped and ready to go back in 2020 (and then everything went to hell in a hand basket), we were grandfathered in, all tickets and passes honored, all forms completed, T’s crossed, I’s crossed. You know how we roll. We know what we’re doing. But it really felt like we were beginning again, muscle memory kinda creaky, lotta oh yeahs, and what’s this for again? Then we limbered-up and pumped the fluids, and wow was it nice to be back home!

And because of our long-term status as a Camp in Good Standing, BMorg in their benevolence and wisdom, placed us again downtown at Rod’s Road @ 3:15. And we love it when they do that, because Rod’s Ring Road is a universe unto itself. And our Dome is one of the largest structures in that neighborhood. It feels great to be seen!

Please, if you or someone you know have recordings, photos or videos to share, please email them (or a link to your online Gallery) to our Web Mistress, thank you.