Got Chops?

If you’re a musically inclined, hopefully sight-reading Burner who can swing an axe, bang a gong, caress a keyboard, or slap a bass, then we want you in our Band! If you’re new to our community, Madi will probably want an audition. Drop her a note and reach out – she won’t bite promise! If you’ve performed in the Choir Band before (and/or camped with us), and you want to come back for 2024 (and we hope you do!), please reach out to our Dusty Camp Producer, and let that conversation begin!

Musicians who join the Playa Choir Band are revered as Gods, but if you don’t keep your eyes on Madi at all times, then watch your butt! If you’re up to it and can join the Build Team, then we can probably arrange a ticket for you.

Is your photo not here? Send it to me!