The Fabulous Playa Choir Band is the supportive bedrock of our Choir. Without their driving, creative force, the impact we make on the spirits of hundreds of people, would just not be the same.

Big Bottoms Wanted!

Oh the places I could go. Best to leave that behind. Seriously, we are seeking Top Drawer Pro Musicians to play in the Fabulous Playa Choir Band. Specifically, a Bassist and a Drummer/Percussionist. We are holding tickets for sale at face value for the Phat Low End we just gotta have. If you want to go to Burning Man and can make our rockin’ world go ‘round (see what I did there?), send a link to your work and bring your chops!

L to R: Joshua (Lead Guitar), Max (Bass), Ian (Drums), Chantil (Keys) / 2017 Radical Ritual