The Choir has become an established part of the Burning Man infrastructure, and we are placed again downtown at RRR and D Street. David Syre again join us, this time with two huge RVs so we doubled the size of our kitchen. David also brought with him a Videography Team. Check out the film they made on the Videos page!

Ayme instituted a scheduled meal policy, so that the workers on Build or Strike knew ahead of time when the breaks were. That allowed them to focus and the work went quicker and more efficiently. We had an incredible collaborative performance with the mind-boggling Sanctuary Art Car for our Sunrise Temple Service. We are again a well-oiled machine that purred perfectly. The Choir really set the bar high this year.

And unfortunately, it was also the last year that Miss Ayme would put her boots on the ground. Changes were coming for the Choir, and that’s a story for 2019.

If you or someone you know have recordings, photos or videos to share, please email them (or a link to your online Gallery) to our Web Mistress, thank you.