The Temple

So we own a Dome. And a lot of other heavy stuff. But we were in a quandary – how do we get it all to the Playa and back? And up until now, we had been reliant on a Choir member to bring his personal sound system, and he wasn’t planning on coming this year (and he was unwilling to sell it). So what do we do about that? By then Miss Ayme was not having the Choir be reliant on anyone for anything!

So…she banged that fundraising drum hard, and loud, and for a long time. She was relentless! And she got it in her head (after doing much math) to buy a school bus, strip the seats out and use that as our combo storage unit/transportation solution. In the off season, that’s just what we did – found a bus in the State or Washington for only $1,000, and got it to the Ranch, got her reliably serviceable, and transferred all our stuff into her cavernous interior. Oh, and we bought a new sound system too. We were ready for the next Burn!

2016 also saw the formation of S.A.T.B. Village (Singers At The Burn) with our sister group, Acapplaya – and you thought it stood for soprano, alto, tenor, bass didn’t ‘cha! Hah…too clever for words. 2016 turned out to be a pretty good Burn all around, but while Build went reasonably well, Strike was rough because we’d nearly depleted our food and water resources. More growing pains indeed.

We learned that taking time out to stop and cook for ourselves during Build and Strike was uncoordinated and haphazard, and it made the work take longer than it needed to be. And that made people tired, irritable and potty-mouthed. That needed to be fixed, and that’s 2017’s story.

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