The Temple Of The Heart

From the looks of things on the available videos, it was – how should we phrase it? – a wet, soggy, mud wrestling, slip ‘n slide, accept and move on, be thankful we made it here in the first place, cover your gear but we’re gonna do this anyway kinda Burn.

And those in the City who didn’t pack that 5-gallon bucket and cat sand had already busted out or hitch-hiked out (looking at you Diplo). So at the end of the week, when it came time to do our thing, we did indeed make a joyful noise. But our audience was smaller than prior years, but no less enthusiastic.

We all somehow made it inside the Dome together, and by the time we were finished, everybody was all fired-up and ready to either bust a move (which meant helping us get Strike going and hoping the Crane made it on time), or getting the hell outta Dodge, craving a hot shower and the first cheeseburger they could lay their hands on!

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